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“I have been working with Adrian over the past few years and he has helped me out massively. When I arrived I was feeling so negative, but Adrian’s approach is amazing and now I feel equipped to tackle the ups and downs of life for the time being. Getting help for mental health issues can be daunting, but Adrian made feel comfortable and reassured the whole way. I recommend him wholeheartedly and would definitely book in again if the need arises.”

George 31.4.21

I’ve been seeing Adrian for over a year now and have found his guidance to be incredibly helpful. Adrian’s been professional and understanding, while also challenging me to think differently. I appreciate his friendly yet straightforward approach and can’t imagine another therapist being a better fit.

Erica 18.2.21

I was fortunate enough to find Adrian during a challenging time of my life, when unresolved issues were showing up in my primary relationship. He helped me immensely, and my relationship is better and deeper as a result.  I’ve now worked on and off with Adrian for several years, and have recommended him to others who have also had transformative experiences. Kind, honest, empathetic, non-judgemental and very wise - I can’t recommend Adrian Prota enough. The work may not be easy - but it is vital. 
Simon D. 2.02.21 

Adrian helped me to overcome a very difficult period in my work and personal life. Through (a year of) speaking therapy I improved various relationships in my life and learned to re-evaluate my self-perception.

S.B. 1.02.21

Adrian has given me several techniques that have greatly helped in reducing my stress, worry and anxiety.  After stopping therapy for a short period Adrian was able to quickly help me get back on track. I would highly recommend him to anyone struggling with anxiety and stress.

L.B  27.02.21

I contacted Adrian during a major family life changing crisis. His insight on the situation was crucial to making steps forward with his pragmatic advice and direction. Thank you Adrian

George 25.01.21

I've worked with several therapists over the years but found that working with Adrian has been the most beneficial. Right from the first session, Adrian was warm, understanding and very easy to talk to. He helped me to work through my issues and never made me feel judged. Thank you.

Kerry 25.01.21

Adrian has helped me with issues relating to relationships, addiction, confidence and depression. He has helped me feel less alone when I am struggling whilst providing valuable insight into unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns.  He has endless patience and encourages personal empowerment to make beneficial changes.​

Kim  22.01.21

Adrian has been an absolute lifeline for me through the pandemic. He’s both warm and insightful. He always manages to strike the right balance of guidance and feedback while allowing space for self reflection. I’ve struggled with depression for many years and have seen several therapists. My sessions with Adrian have by far been the most valuable and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering therapy.

Gabriella 21.01.21 

“I came to see Adrian after the break up of a long-term relationship over two years ago. I’ve really appreciated his clarity of thought and gentle but firm style of feedback in particular, as we’ve worked on my relationship with myself and others, to help me with my anxiety, assertiveness and resilience. Adrian typically gives me a task or action at the end of our fortnightly sessions which I find really useful to focus the mind. Thanks so much for your help, Adrian!”

Nandini 21.1.21

"Adrian has been supporting me on and off for over 5 years now. It all started after my father's death, and over time I've kept coming back to see Adrian for a variety of personal challenges I have had to deal with such as anxiety, PTSD and relationship issues. I am not sure where I would be without Adrian's continued support which he provides in a unique combination of absolute professionalism and personal touch. The work we have been doing together recently has been eye-opening and I am forever grateful to Adrian for how far I've come in this very personal journey."

Zsuzsa 20.01.21

Adrian thanks for your help, you’ve really opened my eyes to my own life and how to look at the world, and how to deal with relationships, just the help I needed. Who knows what state I’d be in without your help, I am forever in your debt. Thank you.

T.F.   5.01.21 

I have been having consultations with Adrian for more than three years and recommend him highly. I initially saw Adrian in connection to an unfulfilling long-distance relationship, then sought his help after the loss of my father. Thanks to his intelligent counseling, I have put the relationship behind me, and am handling my grief much better than I otherwise would. Even my family and friends have noticed the difference. He is an outstanding therapist.  

NNF 12.01.21

I was going through one of the lowest points and I'm glad that I started seeking counselling with Adrian then. Adrian is kind, patient, insightful and doesn't judge. I felt comfortable discussing my deepest insecurities, fears and sorrows. I believe that I have genuinely grown emotionally, learned the cause of a lot of my issues and am better equipped to handle emotional stress, all thanks to Adrian. 

N.A 14.1.21

After losing my close friend Adrian was a great help in recovering from the loss. Over the course of our sessions I learned a lot about myself and came to understand better how I was feeling. He was flexible during COVID meaning we could mix online and in-person sessions as the situation demanded. I’d highly recommend Adrian.

Elliot 17.1.21

Over the years Adrian has helped me tremendously with uncovering, understanding and resolving deep rooted issues which I held for many years and caused a huge levels of anxiety and low-self esteem. I have a healthier and more balanced relationship with my thoughts and I feel a lot better about myself and have the skills to best cope with life's challenges. I thoroughly recommend him!

John 17.1.21 

Adrian has helped me so much with his non-judgmental but pragmatic, applicable advice. He has given me clear and useful tactics that I can practice every day. I have felt so much more confident since talking to Adrian, and I greatly appreciate his collaborative approach to counselling.

Virginia 19.1.21

I’ve been working with Adrian for almost 2 years. He has helped me break down my mental stress into different focus areas, and has helped me find my own way of resolving these issues. I am now a much more emotionally confident and organised person. Thank you for being supportive, empathetic and patient!

Alice 19.1.21 

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